100+ Unblocked Games to Play at Work or School

Written by Zoe King ✏️

Last updated July 16, 2024

When school or work gets boring and you need a break, unblocked games are the perfect mental vacation you can take without packing a suitcase (unless your suitcase is full of snacks, because hey, breaks deserve snacks).

And you don’t have to feel guilty about keeping your unblocked games winning streak alive.

Why? Because you’re in good company 🤝

In fact, according to a recent survey, over 62% of students and a surprising 44% of workers in the United States admit to playing unblocked games regularly.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in and explore the most captivating unblocked games you can play right now 🎮

Unblocked Games to Play at Work or School

For your playing pleasure, here is our curated list of free unblocked games. Check the links at the bottom of the page to play these games!


1v1.lol is an online building and shooting game similar to Fortnite’s creative mode.

Engage in fast-paced battles where you can build structures for defense and offense.

Customize your character, choose from various weapons, and test your skills against other players in different game modes.

With its quick matchmaking and competitive gameplay, 1v1.lol offers a thrilling experience for fans of tactical shooters.

The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz is a quiz game with tricky and unconventional questions.

Its quirky humor and challenging puzzles make it a fun and entertaining game to play.

Smash Karts

Smash Karts is a multiplayer kart racing game with power-ups and weapons.

The fast-paced action and competitive nature make it a thrilling game to play with friends or colleagues.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an endless arcade hopper where you navigate a character across roads, rivers, and other obstacles.

Its simple controls and charming graphics make it an addictive game to play during breaks.


Bitlife is a life simulation game where you make choices to determine your character’s life path.

The game’s depth and variety of options make it an engrossing experience.

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a delightful puzzle game where you cut ropes to feed candy to a cute monster named Om Nom.

The game’s charming graphics and progressively challenging puzzles make it an engaging pastime.

The Chrome Dino Game

The Chrome Dino Game is a simple yet addictive game that appears when your internet connection is down.

Help the dinosaur jump over cacti and avoid obstacles.

It’s a great way to pass the time when you’re offline or just need a quick game fix.


Winterbells is a serene and captivating game where you help a bunny jump on bells to reach higher and higher into the sky.

The soothing music and beautiful graphics provide a relaxing gaming experience.

Escape from School

Escape from School is a puzzle game where players must find clues and solve puzzles to escape from a locked school.

The game’s challenging riddles and immersive storyline make it a captivating experience.

Punch Legend Simulator

Punch Legend Simulator is a fighting game where you become a rising boxing star. Build your strength with punch bags, then step into the ring to challenge other boxers.

Use coins to upgrade your skills and looks. Train hard and grow stronger to become the ultimate punch legend.

My Perfect Hotel

My Perfect Hotel is a time-management game where you build and run your own hotel.

Invest wisely in staff and property improvements, and work hard to become a hospitality tycoon in this addictive casual simulator.

Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is an incremental game that starts with clicking on a big cookie to earn cookies.

As you accumulate cookies, you can buy upgrades to increase your cookie production.

It’s a fun and oddly satisfying game that can be played casually over time.

Moto X3M

Moto X3M is a bike racing game with challenging obstacles and levels.

The game’s physics-based mechanics and creative level design make it an exhilarating game to play during your breaks.

Run 3

Run 3 is an endless runner game set in a series of tunnels in space.

The game’s engaging graphics and challenging levels make it a favorite for quick gaming sessions.

Navigate through the intricate paths, avoid obstacles, and see how far you can go.

3D Tetris

A modern twist on the classic Tetris game, 3D Tetris offers a new dimension of fun.

The objective remains the same: fit the falling blocks to form complete lines.

However, the three-dimensional aspect adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement.

Papa’s Pizzeria

In Papa’s Pizzeria, you manage a pizzeria, making and serving pizzas to customers.

The game combines time management with creativity, offering a fun and engaging experience.

Papa’s Freezeria

In Papa’s Freezeria, you make and serve frozen desserts.

The game combines time management with creativity, providing a fun and engaging experience.


Frogger is a classic arcade game where you help a frog cross a busy road and river.

Its straightforward yet challenging gameplay makes it a great option for quick gaming sessions.

Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is a game where you run a grocery store managed by monkeys.

The cute graphics and fun gameplay make it a delightful game to play during your downtime.

Snow Rider 3D

Snow Rider 3D is a snowboarding game with stunning 3D graphics.

Navigate through snowy slopes, perform tricks, and enjoy the thrill of snowboarding from the comfort of your desk.


Chess is a timeless strategy game that sharpens your mind and enhances your problem-solving skills.

Whether you’re a novice or a grandmaster, playing a few rounds of chess can provide a mental workout and a refreshing break from your routine.


Agar.io is a multiplayer game where you control a cell and try to grow larger by consuming smaller cells.

The competitive nature and simple controls make it an engaging game to play with friends or strangers online.


Checkers is another classic board game that is perfect for short breaks.

Its straightforward rules and strategic depth make it an enjoyable and stimulating game to play against a computer or a colleague.


Slope is a fast-paced game where you control a ball rolling down a slope, avoiding obstacles and falling off the edge.

Its addictive gameplay and simple controls make it a perfect game for short breaks.

Watermelon Game

In the WaterMelon Game, you stack watermelons without them falling.

The game’s simplicity and fun concept make it an enjoyable and relaxing game to play.

Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing is a casual fishing game where you catch fish to earn money and upgrade your equipment.

The relaxing gameplay and charming graphics make it a perfect game for unwinding.

More Unblocked Games

Does the allure of more beckon you? If yes, here you go:

  • A Dark Room: A text-based game that starts in a dark room and evolves into a complex adventure.
  • Age of War: A strategy game where players advance through different ages of warfare.
  • Age of War 2: The sequel to Age of War, with improved graphics and gameplay.
  • Alien Hominid: A run-and-gun game where players control an alien fighting off enemies.
  • Among Us Online: A browser-based version of the popular social deduction game.
  • Appel: A platformer game with simple controls and challenging levels.
  • Asteroids: A classic arcade game where players control a spaceship shooting asteroids.
  • Awesome Tanks: A tank battle game with upgrades and various levels.
  • Bad Piggies: A physics-based puzzle game from the makers of Angry Birds.
  • Bloons Series: A series of tower defense games where players pop balloons using various towers.
  • Bloxorz: A puzzle game where players maneuver a block through a series of levels to fit it into a hole.
  • Bob the Robber: A stealth game where players control a thief trying to steal without getting caught.
  • Breaking the Bank: A stickman game where players choose different methods to break into a bank.
  • Circloo: A puzzle platformer where players guide a ball through circular levels.
  • Cloud Platformer Fun: A platformer game set in a world of clouds.
  • Doom: The classic first-person shooter game.
  • Drift Boss: A drifting game where players control a car drifting through turns to earn points.
  • Duck Life Series: A series of games where players train a duck to compete in races and challenges.
  • Earn to Die 2012: A driving game where players upgrade a vehicle to escape a zombie apocalypse.
  • Eggy Car: A driving game where players must balance an egg on top of a car.
  • Escaping the Prison: An interactive stickman game where players choose different ways to escape from prison.
  • Fireboy and Watergirl Series: A cooperative puzzle platformer where players control two characters to solve puzzles.
  • FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s): A horror game where players monitor animatronic characters at a pizzeria.
  • Friday Night Funkin’: A rhythm game where players must match the beat to win rap battles.
  • Gravitee: A physics-based space game where players shoot balls around planets.
  • Gun Mayhem: A fast-paced shooting game with multiple weapons and arenas.
  • Gun Mayhem 2: The sequel to Gun Mayhem with new weapons and levels.
  • Infiltrating the Airship: An interactive stickman game with multiple choices and outcomes.
  • Jacksmith: A game where players craft weapons for heroes.
  • Jelly Truck: A driving game where players control a truck made of jelly.
  • Johnny Upgrade: A platformer where players upgrade their character to progress.
  • Learn to Fly: A game where players help a penguin learn to fly.
  • Lightbot: A programming puzzle game where players guide a robot to light up tiles.
  • Line Rider: A sandbox game where players draw tracks for a sledder to ride on.
  • Minecraft-ish MMO: An online game inspired by Minecraft, focusing on building and exploration.
  • Mini Golf Online: A multiplayer mini-golf game with various courses.
  • Moto X3M 2: The second installment of the Moto X3M series.
  • Moto X3M 3: The third installment of the Moto X3M series.
  • Moto X3M Pool Party: A summer-themed version of Moto X3M.
  • Moto X3M Series: The full series of Moto X3M games, including different themed levels like pool party and spooky land.
  • Moto X3M Spooky Land: A Halloween-themed version of Moto X3M.
  • Moto X3M Winter: A winter-themed version of Moto X3M.
  • N: A challenging platformer where players control a ninja.
  • Neverball: A 3D platformer where players tilt the floor to guide a ball to the goal.
  • Ovo: A fast-paced platformer with simple graphics and challenging levels.
  • Pacman: The classic arcade game where players control Pac-Man to eat dots and avoid ghosts.
  • Paper.io 2: A multiplayer game where players control a square to capture territory.
  • Plants vs Zombies: A tower defense game where players use plants to defend against zombies.
  • Polytrack: A racing game with a unique art style and various tracks.
  • Pong: The classic arcade game of table tennis.
  • Raft Wars: A turn-based game where players shoot projectiles at opponents from a raft.
  • Retro Bowl: A retro-style American football game.
  • Rooftop Snipers: A two-player shooting game where players try to knock each other off rooftops.
  • Run 2: The second installment of the Run series.
  • Slither.io: A multiplayer snake game where players try to grow their snake by consuming others.
  • Stack: A game where players stack blocks as high as possible by aligning them perfectly.
  • Stealing the Diamond: Another game in the Henry Stickmin series where players make choices to successfully steal a diamond.
  • Stickman Hook: A physics-based game where players swing a stickman from hooks to reach the finish line.
  • Subway Surfers: An endless runner game where players dodge obstacles and collect coins while running through subway tracks.
  • Super Mario 63: A fan-made Mario game combining elements from various official Mario games.
  • Super Smash Flash: A fan-made fighting game featuring characters from various franchises in a Super Smash Bros.-style arena.
  • Tanuki Sunset: A skateboarding game with a raccoon protagonist, focusing on smooth tricks and aesthetics.
  • Temple Run 2: An endless runner game where players navigate a character through various obstacles and environments.
  • Tennis Physics: A physics-based tennis game with simple controls and exaggerated movements.
  • The Fancy Pants Adventures Series: A platformer series with smooth animations and fun gameplay.
  • The Final Earth 2: A city-building game set in a post-apocalyptic world where players build and manage a colony in space.
  • The Henry Stickmin Flash Series: A series of interactive stick figure games with multiple paths and outcomes.
  • The World’s Hardest Game: A challenging game where players navigate a red square through various levels filled with obstacles.
  • Tomb of the Mask: An arcade game where players navigate a masked character through procedurally generated vertical labyrinths.
  • Unfair Mario: A challenging platformer known for its hidden traps and surprises.
  • Vex 3: A platformer game where players control a stickman navigating through various levels filled with obstacles and traps.

Wrapping Up: Unblocked Games

Unblocked games provide a delightful escape when work or school gets a little dull.

With a diverse selection of genres and styles available, you’re sure to find something that captures your interest. You can find these games on places like Classroom 6x, Poki.com, CrazyGames.com, and some of the games’ individual websites.

Just remember to play responsibly, keep it discreet, and most importantly, have fun!

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